World’s Most Popular Card Game Without Gambling

Playing cards is a game that can kill free time. Many kinds of card games to play with friends and family. One box of cards contains 52 pieces divided into four cards, namely Spade (curling), Heart (liver), Diamond (diamond), Club (shovel), each of which comprises of 13 cards from Us to King), and additional cards of a couple of blacks and red jokers.

The popular card games in many countries are poker, canasta, blackjack, casino, solitaire, bridge, with different numbers of players. Even card games are often linked to gambling. This is because some people find it more exciting to put bets on a game of cards.

But card games also play for entertainment only when filling a void of time. One of the most famous card games in the world is poker. You will usually find games of poker from many films and it doesn’t have to be connected with gambling such as those at PokerQQ. Well, what’s a poker game and how to play it?

Playing Poker Games

Poker is a kind of card game that combines strategy, skill and bet capabilities. All the variants of poker involved a bet as an intrinsic part of the game. The card game had been developed during the early 19th century in the United States. Since then, poker has evolved into a very popular entertainment around the world.

It has become increasingly popular since the early 20th century and has since turned from what was initially a restricted entertainment to certain small groups becoming a particularly popular game, both for participants and audiences, including online, with many professional players.

How to Play Poker?

Many variations of poker games like 5 Card Draw or Texas Hold’em, but the point of playing poker is to have the biggest combinations of five cards. The winner is the card owner with the largest combination. The combination of these cards has been predetermined and it’s already a ground rule for playing poker.

At the opening stage, the players who were left compare the cards they had in a sequence of combinations of cards. If two players have the same combination of cards or no one has a combination of winning cards, the player who has the highest value card is a winner.

So The first thing to do when playing poker is to understand the number of card combinations starting from the highest to down to the lowest.

Combination of cards in a poker game

  • Royal Flush (10 card, jack, queen, king, and ace, all one kind) – is highest as shocking as it is to be obtained. Now, the general misconception is that the card combination is most difficult to get than any other five.
  • Straight Flush (five consecutive cards, all one-type cards) – cannot have both king and second cards simultaneously (such as Q-K-A-2-3).
  • Four of a Kind (four cards with the same number and one random card).
  • Full House (three cards with the same numbers and two cards with the same numbers) for the combination of a share of Full House cards, which are stronger determined by a card with more than three cards that have the same digits.
  • Flush (five cards with the same suit) – any number is not a problem.
  • Straight (five consecutive points, different types) – should not have both their king and second cards at the same time (such as J-Q-K-A-2).
  • Three of a Kind (three cards with the same number, two other cards with different numbers) – if the other two cards had the same number, then it would be Full House.
  • Two Pairs (a couple of pairs of cards having the same number and another card having different numbers).
  • One Pair (A pair of cards having the same numbers, three other cards with different numbers).
  • High Card (value from poker card itself could be a sequence of cards as well as a poker card image)

Have fun with poker card games. It doesn’t have to be bet on but just play for the fun it brings.

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