Basic Rules of the Wheel of Fortune

The Wheel of Fortune is a popular but risky gambling game that can be found in most land-based and online casinos. Find it in Pin Up casino. With proper luck, the user can hit the jackpot, but if luck turns away, he will easily spend the entire bankroll in a couple of hours. The simple rules of playing the Wheel of Fortune attract new visitors. After all, all you need is to bet on the sectors of a spinning drum.

Short description of the game

Gambling entertainment has dozens of versions. In the traditional version, which is presented in most casinos, a reel with 52 or 54 sectors. Each contains the amount of possible winnings. Often it is from $1 to $20. Moreover, there are several cells with the same amounts. The bigger the win, the fewer doubles. That is, there can be 24 sectors with $1, and only 2 with $20.

In the classic version, the distribution of winnings indicated in the table is used.

Some versions also have additional slots with special prizes or symbols. For example, there is often a joker. The jester will bring the maximum payout with x2 multiplier.

The numbers of all sectors are duplicated on the table (or control panel, if we are talking about the online version) so that the visitor can place a bet. The player needs to guess the number of the segment that the arrow will point to after the end of the reel rotation.

History reference

The country and year of the wheel’s appearance are unknown. But a popular version is that entertainment originated in ancient times, because after the battles, the soldiers needed to distribute trophies, each of which had its own value.

Participants took a round shield or a wheel from a cart, made notches with names and placed a stick next to it, which was supposed to indicate the sector. Then all that remained was to turn the impromptu drum and determine the owners of the trophies.

Popular TV shows also influenced the development of the game and the emergence of new rules. For example, the Wheel of Fortune show in the USA.

Probability of winning

The chance to guess the winning sector directly depends on the total number of cells and the number of doubles. That is, it is more likely that a cell with $1 will fall out on the wheel, and not a joker. The visitor needs to consider the level of risk.

This entertainment is considered unprofitable for players.

In versions with a joker, a dozen bonus features, multipliers, additional cells, the return can reach 90% or even 95%. But such options are found in online casinos, not land-based establishments.

What are the varieties

There are dozens of entertainment options, so the rules of the wheel of Fortune may differ in the following characteristics:

  • The number of cells on the reels. Even in the classic versions there are differences: in the Australian 52 sectors, in the American – 54.
  • The presence of additional characters. The popular one is the joker.
  • Payout ratios.
  • Availability of jackpots. There are fixed and progressive. They can hit the maximum jackpot.
  • Only regular bets are available, but there may be non-standard ones (cell color, over or under, even or odd).
  • Additions to the main game. There are models that use bones. A popular variant is called the Dice Wheel.

General Rules of the Wheel of Fortune

The main rules of gambling entertainment:

  • The client can place 1 or more bets per spin.
  • Often the amount that is wagered is fixed. In most land-based establishments, this is $1.
  • If the bet amount is not fixed, then the casino sets the range. To calculate payments, the coefficients are used: 1, 2, 5, 10 and 20.
  • Several people can participate in the game at the same time. Their bets, wins or losses are not interconnected and do not affect the results of the rounds.

The nuances of the rules will differ for different versions. In virtual casinos, the range of bets is wider.


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