The best manufacturers of slot machines in online casinos

The assortment of slots in the casino is more than a thousand titles find them in 1win. Providers compete in product quality and offer the best devices. The more games from famous developers are presented on the site, the more positive the reputation. They use licensed software. The most famous and popular casino slot machine manufacturers prefer to work with reliable sites. Users can get acquainted with the rating, which includes time-tested developers.

Who are the manufacturing companies

Providers are engaged in software development. It is used by sites for organizing and conducting gambling.


Companies producing slots in online casinos are divided into groups according to their characteristics:

  • Niche. Studios may release software for online casinos and not provide services for land-based gambling establishments. There are organizers who develop two niches at once.
  • Variety of software. Providers can develop games and platforms for them. The list of services depends on the size of the organization.
  • Dimensions. Giants often enter into partnership agreements with small studios that provide their software. Cooperation with major developers in the modern gambling industry is not uncommon.

Also, manufacturers can be divided into categories depending on the software used.

Technologies used

Slots are available on desktop and mobile as the companies cover every category of user. Most of the devices are developed using HTML5 technology. Although flash games were popular earlier.

You can find 3D slots in the casino, and soon the gambling world will see VR and AR slots. The software is developed by the giants of the gambling industry – NetEnt and Microgaming. They have already managed to create the first devices and roulette.

The modern industry is developing, and technological progress allows the introduction of innovative software for a more realistic game process.

Historical facts

The era of modern slot machines began in 1963, when land-based casinos were actively developing. In 1994, Microgaming changed the course of gambling history. She created a platform for the first online casino. But popularity came later, at the dawn of the 2000s. Since that time, providers have begun a real struggle for the title of leader.

How to choose a slot machine developer

The developers from the list above are worthy of attention. Each of them has occupied its own niche in the gambling entertainment market and has become popular. Users can choose manufacturers of slot machines according to the following parameters:

  • Availability of software by geolocation. There are providers that prohibit the use of products in countries where gambling is not allowed.
  • Indicators. Volatility and returns need to be considered. For example, certain manufacturers have a large proportion of slots with high volatility.
  • Specifications. If the weight of the software and the devices available for the game matter, it is worth studying the indicators.
  • Subject. Users need to pick up options and try playing the free versions.
  • Bonuses. Modern studios are trying to produce devices that are endowed with different functionality. Some companies use conservative characteristics and strive to preserve traditions.

When choosing a device, it is important to remember about online casinos: pleasure and profit depend on the reliability of the operator who provides access to the machines.

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