Would this be your first time going to a casino? Do you feel giddy the moment you step in the casino premises? Well, we all get that kind of feeling. We are feeling the rush as we’re seeing lots of people who are struggling around tables, playing at various slot machines and some guys walking with fistful of chips and looking happy with their big win!

It has its Purpose

But why chips? What’s the reason why casinos are using them? The answer is rather simple; for convenience and at the same time, security.

Casinos are using chips so you won’t have to walk around with your loads of cash in the public.

Besides, this is a nice way of preventing your wallet or cash to be stolen. It is just hot to the eyes.

For Your Own Good

However, still remember that these casino chips you exchange your money to are equivalent to real-world money. So make sure that you have a keen eye on them even if the casino has CCTV in place. Besides, using chips can be used conveniently when placing bets.

You would not want paper money to fly everywhere and be mixed up with other player’s bets. A safe practice here is by stacking your chips into pile so it will not be mixed up with others.