There’s nothing that avid casino players love than getting freebies for just playing casino games online.

And mind you, there are tons of bonuses that can be taken advantage of.

Types of Bonuses Casinos Used to Attract People

One of these bonuses is referred to as “New Player Bonuses”. A lot of casinos online are offering new players with incentives or “bonus” to join their site. Basically, this is like a marketing tactic to generate as much number of players as possible. Typically, it comes in the form of deposit bonus wherein players will have to make deposits in their account and receive extra cash as bonus from the casino site.

Then, there is this thing called as onsite promotions. This will take effect only if you’re a member of the casino site. Here, the promotions may range every weekends in which any deposits that have been made to your account will get a stated bonus during the given period.

Ready for Some Random Rewards?

Also, online casinos are offering random rewards. Despite the fact that this is rare instance, you might find that one random day in your inbox, you’ve received a message from the casino site stating that they will be adding few more credits to your accounts. As the name suggests, it’s totally random. There are even times wherein casinos are so generous that they give out free keys to hotels. What a treat?!