Casino is a place to which people waging bets or sometimes, just to relieve the stress out of their system.

This game of chance only has two endings; either you win or you lose.

Most of the famous and renowned casinos globally are known for being extravagant with players who recklessly spend their money and all other valuables.  However, if you play your cards right, it could also be a great source of wealth. Today, there are tons of luxury casinos all over the world and all of them can be considered the biggest you can ever find.

China’s Finest

One of them is situated in Macau. Gambling in this place has been going on since 1850s when it is legalized. As a matter of fact, it is capable of generating more than 50 percent of China’s GDP which amounts to give or take 28 million dollars.

US’s Best

Of course, the US wouldn’t leave without a fight. With the famed casinos located in Las Vegas, Nevada, you’ll never run out of options. No wonder why it’s called as the Sin City. Believe it or not, Vegas account the biggest number of casinos in US with around 104 establishments on their area alone. The turnover, it is ranging to more than 11 million dollars. Major casino games being played include but not limited to online betting, lotteries, horse racing, video poker and so forth.